Who determines the lines for the proud waves of the ocean and says this far, henceforth no more? Who marks out the rail for the lightening and makes the air clap after it? Who puts a sieve for the rain and divides them into strands? Who fuels the Sun and trims up the moon at … More Thoughts

Our Father

  by Onyeani James     His eyes never blinking; Beaming in glorious light. His lips never drooling; Till all be set aright. Dwelling in grace unend; The hearts of men to mend.       This is a personal genre of poetry. It is called ILU. It’s used particularly to express a thought or … More Our Father


by Jon Onyeani   Lost and helpless, weak and dry Trapped amidst this expanse of complete waste. Drained survivors, left to die Time and light, they depart in eager haste.   Bring your sisters; take over. This transition, permit me to witness As crimson turns to silver And chaos slowly paves way for progress   … More Atropos


  by Jon Onyeani   Piercing the deep, a gleaming fair maiden; Like the morning Sun, a glorious vision. Fairest of them all, proud Queen of Eden. Turn down the radiance; my imploration   Retain your bearing; I approach your courts. Supply your famed compass; cast not away. Brighten the beams; dispel the clustered dusts. Hurry … More Selene


            by Jon Onyeani   Freely adorned in envious aggregates, She settles on her throne, calm and patient; Then adjusts her registration and waits. Conductor nods the much-needed consent.   Eyes transfixed on indiscernible scripts; Face daubed, an abstraction of founts inside. Fingers move with charm and negligent bursts; Sublimely, feet rush in a graceful … More Minerva