Some Things In Life Would Never Make Sense

by Soibi, R N.



Many times I ponder on the existence of life, the everyday mysteries we face, so many misleading events, so much of confusion, irrespective of some clues, we still have much to understand, reasoning makes us relieved of some but in certain cases ignorance is bliss, the more you know, the more you realise how ignorant you are. Life so full of uncertainties, some born rich, some poor and  some handicapped. What hope can we give to a child whose parents can’t  provide a good meal at least once a day? What answers can we give to a  woman who lived her life well as a teenage girl in chastity and purity  but has no issues after many years of marriage? Or the graduate who has  roamed on the street for a good duration in search of a job even with a  certificate that is attached with honours. Many philosphers have tried to find out the explanations of the  occurences of life but does philosophy have the answer to such  questions? They can try in their own little ways to find out the answer  but one answer gives birth to so many questions many of which they cannot provide concrete explanations, no one can truly understand life, we can only trust God for the explanations he can’t give us because if we understand all about  life, then we become God and that is IMPOSSIBLE



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